ATA Carnet

According to the International Convention on Temporary Admission (Istambul Convention), ATA Carnet is an international document which is used to replace the customs declaration.

ATA Carnet guarantees:

Payment exemption of importing customs duties and fees for goods, which are imported into the territory of the country participating in the ATA system.
Mandatory acceptance of the participating countries by the customs authorities instead of the national package of documents.
It guarantees the coverage of import duties to customs authorities in case of violation of conditions of temporary importation. The following groups of goods imported by ATA Carnet can be singled out such as commercial samples, professional equipment and goods for exhibitions, concerts, theater performances and other events.

If during the demonstration of your products, one of the potential customers wants to buy it, the regime of temporary export get closed. Using our experience and taking into account all the specifics of the procedure, we take the responsibility of solving all the questions regarding the customs clearance and delivery of concert and exhibition cargo, regardless of the tightness of the timing of the event.  Among all the variety of services for the successful organization of the event we can offer:

Consultations and recommendations on the application of the legislative framework in the field of temporary import / export.

Preparation of shipping documents.
Customs clearance of goods in the mode of temporary import both for ATA Carnet, and for the national procedure for temporary importation.

• Publication of the ATA Carnet at the CCI of Russia;
• Transportation of urgent concert and exhibition cargoes by any kind of transport;
• Escort of goods from the border to the venue and back (armed, unarmed, state and / or commercial services);
• Cargo insurance upon customer's request;

And the most important thing is that we provide round-the-clock service and execution of all undertaken obligations in the shortest possible time. We will be happy to help you successfully participate in an exhibition and other events, protecting you from worries about customs formalities, safety and deadlines for the delivery of your cargo.

Delivery of groupage cargo from Norway, Sweden, Denmark to Russia

Cargo transportation to Sweden, Norway and Denmark is specific in terms of internal customs regulation and transportation since these countries are not members of the European Union and therefore customs clearance is carried out according to their own rules. The specialists of our company are well acquainted with the peculiarities of export from these countries. Reliable delivery of goods is provided due to reliable schemes of goods delivery from any areas of Scandinavia.

The Autoexpress Corporation Company provides the delivery of goods from these countries by the method of combined transportation using sea, auto and air transport.
AEC provides the following services for cargo transportation from the Royal Scandinavia:
• Cargo transportation;
• Preparation of transport documentation;
• Comprehensive consultations;
• Negotiations with contractors;
• Cargo insurance;
• Execution of loading and unloading operations and other warehouse operations;
• Prompt customs clearance;
• Tracking and freight forwarding;
• Delivery from Doors to Doors.