Multimodal Freight

Мультимодальные перевозки грузов

It is rarity, when the carriage is unimodal. An overwhelming number of  traffic related to the delivery of goods under the contract is multimodal, but often carried out by different transport operators. That often leads to
inconsistencies, delays and additional costs.

AEC offers service of a single multimodal transport operator (EMTO) for the delivery of customers’ cargo from anywhere worldwide to Russia by ensuring cargo transit through Finland.

Delivery of cargo to Finland carried out both air and sea transport and freight services FedEx, DHL, UPS and TNT, used to ship smaller loads and parcels.

Using the services of AEC you feel: - Individual approach to solving your task

- Responsibility of execution of your order

- Efficiency of delivery

The clarity and the smooth operation of the cargo customs bonded terminal of "A" class
in Finland (Hamina)

- The proper approach to the processing of freight forwarding,
transportation and customs documents (TIR, T-1, EX-A, SAD, AREX, MRN, CMR, etc.)

- Favorable tariffs

- Transparency of pricing